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Halloween is here and we all know the best costume is that of a pirate, a parrot, a mermaid, or Captain Jack Sparrow. Maybe you dressed in a nautical theme last year or maybe it was back in 1982. Either way, if you submit your best seaworthy, nautical, nonsensical photo to GetMyBoat, you enter for the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to BoatNameGear.com.

If you ever wanted a t-shirt that boasts your boat’s name, now is your chance. BoatNameGear.com allows you to personalize anything from towels and sweatshirts to t-shirts and baseball caps with your boat’s name.

A panel of non-biased, mutinous, mongrels will judge submissions. The winner of the photo contest will be chosen on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2013.

1. The winner of the contest must create an account on GetMyBoat in order to be eligible to win the contest. Visit getmyboat.com and create an account in just a few moments.
2. In order to claim his/her prize, the winner must submit a photo, via email, or post the photo to one of GetMyBoat’s social network sites: Facebook or Twitter. To submit a photo via Instagram, tag @GetMyBoat in your photo. Email submissions must be emailed to support@getmyboat.com.

Please view the GetMyBoat policies page for more on GetMyBoat terms of use. If you have any questions about the Nautical Nonsense Photo Contest please contact support@getmyboat.com.

Go Ahead, Makes Waves.

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GetMyBoatAndroidOctober 8, 2013 – Sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming suit? Check! Captain, crew, first mate? Check! All you need is the boat. GetMyBoat, the world’s fastest growing peer-to-peer marketplace for boat sharing, announced today their revolutionary native Android app that focuses on connecting boat owners and renters with just a few swipes of a finger. The new app makes finding yachts in California, catamarans in Croatia, and fishing boats in Florida easy to locate and fun to rent.

“Rooms can be rented, groceries ordered, and flights booked straight from the palm of your hand. Now you can book a boat,” says Bryan Petro, Head of Product at GetMyBoat. “We’re excited to bring our users the latest technology that will make it easier to get out on the water. The hassle of complicated booking processes is over for many aspects of daily life; now it’s over for boating.”

According to NMMA statistics, there are 16 million registered boats in the United States. Despite the high cost of ownership, operation and maintenance, the majority of these boats are left idle 92% of the time. GetMyBoat makes renting a boat simple, exciting, and affordable for renters while helping owners defray the expense. With over 10,000 watercraft listed in 60+ locations around the globe, GetMyBoat helps boating enthusiasts make waves worldwide.

“GetMyBoat has already proven that boating is perfectly suited for the new sharing economy and peer-to-peer marketplace. With our Android app, we’re showing that renting a boat from your phone can be quick and completely safe,” said CEO and Co-Founder of GetMyBoat Sascha Mornell. “It’s time to open up the experience of boating to everyone.”

The app, available on Google Play, uses location-based technology to find the nearest boat and book it directly. Earlier this month, GetMyBoat launched its successful native iPhone app available on the App Store. The company is ecstatic to bring their latest technology to Android users around the world.

GetMyBoat charges no fees, commissions, or monthly membership dues for users. Boats can be rented by the day, hour, or week, depending on the owner’s preference. Renters have the option to rent or charter the boat with a captain or without (bareboat). For more information about GetMyBoat, email: info@getmyboat.com or visit http://www.getmyboat.com.

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Fifth Annual Sunfish Challenge Makes Waves for College Sailing

IMG_4885September 25, 2013 – It may not be as fast or as furious as the AC47 catamarans used in America’s Cup, but the Sunfish certainly packs a punch. A single-sheet, cat-rigged dinghy acclaimed the most popular recreational sailboat ever built, the Sunfish has been putting sailing enthusiasts on the water since the 1950s. On Saturday, September 21, 2013, the Sunfish was among over 70 sailboats and sailors and competing in the Fifth Annual Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race.

GetMyBoat, the world’s fastest growing marketplace for peer-to-peer boat sharing, pledged its first $1,500 donation under its sponsorship program in the name of the Corinthian (amateur) winner of the Recreational Sunfish Fleet, Ron McClean, of Norfolk, VA. The donation was given to Hampton University Sailing Program to support college sailors as they pursue their dreams and hone their skills. Hampton University will also allot a portion of the donations to sponsor of the Sixth Annual Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race, which will be held in 2014. In addition to GetMyBoat, sponsors included Spinsheet Chesepeake Bay Sailing, Boating US Foundation, Ullman Sails, and several local businesses.

Long-time resident of Hampton, VA and Business Development Director for the GetMyBoat sponsorship program, Captain Dave Wilbar was happy to see support for the sailors in the area. “It is wonderful to see such an amazing turn out and support for the local sailing community,” he said. “This event is family friendly, fun, and supports a great cause.”

The Sunfish Challenge is a grassroots, long-distance regatta for dinghies up to 22 feet. The legacy began while two friends sailing on Willoughby Bay decided to race. This year, the Sunfish Challenge began at 8:00 A.M. with staggered races for each class continuing through the morning and concluding at 4:00 P.M. The race was followed by a barbecue, live music, race raffle, and an awards ceremony. For a full list of skipper and crew results, including fleet categories, visit the official website of the Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race.

“GetMyBoat is all about growing with the boating and sailing communities. We are happy to help amateur sailors realize their dreams,” said GetMyBoat Head of Product, Bryan Petro. “The event organizer, volunteers, and participants all deserve a big thanks for making the challenge a success.”

GetMyBoat looks forward to sponsoring more amateur sailing and boating competitions in the future. For official race results, a full list of race sponsors, and more information and about the Sunfish Challenge, please contact Jonathan Romero at romeroarms@cox.net. If you know of an event that might be eligible for GetMyBoat sponsorship, email support@getmyboat.com.


Dave Wilbar (left) presents $1,500 donation to Ron McClean (center) along side the Coach of Hampton University’s Sailing Program, Allessandro Ambrosi, on September 25, 2013 at the Awards Ceremony for the Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge.sunfish logo jpeg

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Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! GetMyBoat and Imagine Sailing Tours of San Francisco, California are excited to announce a contest that will allow the winner to choose between two fabulous cruises around the San Francisco Bay. The winner will be notified by email on MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2013.

The winner will have the option to choose ONE (1) of the following grand prizes:


Cruise for you and a few friends: You and up to 5 friends can cruise the bay for 3-4 hours and sightsee from the sailboat.


Cruise for two: This cruise is a day-long option for the winner and one (1) additional person of their choosing that includes BBQ equipment (no food included), fishing, and sailing to a destination within the Bay.


  1. The winner of the contest must create an account on GetMyBoat in order to be eligible to win. Visit getmyboat.com and sign up for an account in under a minute.
  2. The winner must fill out the entry form BELOW in order to be eligible to win the contest.

  3. The winner will have six (6) months from October 7, 2013 to schedule their cruise with Captain Dennis of Imagine Sailing Tours.

Please view the GetMyBoat Policies page for more on GetMyBoat terms of use. If you have any questions about the Cruise the Bay sweepstakes please contact support@getmyboat.com.

Go Ahead, Makes Waves.

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 Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.34.48 PMSeptember 20, 2013 – The worry over finding a trustworthy crew, captain, or watercraft that you can believe in is finally over thanks to the latest peer reviews feature introduced today on GetMyBoat. GetMyBoat is the world’s fastest-growing peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace, hosting over 10,000 boats in more than 800 locations worldwide. This latest innovation will promote authenticity and security among both boat owners and renters while helping users avoid Captain Jack Sparrow imitators and leaky vessels.

“GetMyBoat users and owners depend on our platform for assurances that folks ‘are who they say they are’ and that their experiences will be memorable. Our reviews feature now adds an additional layer of transparency and builds increased trust,” said Bryan Petro, Head of Product. “We are happy to have created a self-regulating system that strengthens the boating community across both the website and our iPhone app for all customers.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.34.25 PMThis latest development has a two-tiered approach to reviews. Both parties can leave feedback using a five-star rating system along with a comments section. The process encourages increased communication between owners and renters. Users are then better able to determine the best match between potential captains and the desired watercraft. Owners get more information on potential renters as well.

“GetMyBoat is about the sharing economy and creating a safe, comfortable interface that boaters are both confident and excited to use. We strive to give as many people as possible a dependable experience of being out on the water – safe, happy, and secure,” said Sascha Mornell, CEO and Co-founder of GetMyBoat.

Enthusiastically received after launching this spring, GetMyBoat provides the largest representation of rentable boats available online, ranging from kayaks to yachts, from California to Croatia. The site allows boat owners to list their boats at no cost, including photos, boat specs, pricing, capacity, and contact information.

To list your boat today and for more information about GetMyBoat, please visit http://www.getmyboat.com or email support@getmyboat.com.

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GetMyBoat Launches Boating Safety and Community Resource Center

GetMyBoat safety community resource centerIt has always been our goal to provide original content that will help our community learn about boating and be more safe while out on the water.  Today, we are happy to announce that we have just launched a self-hosted resource center on GetMyBoat.

The newly launched Resource Center will be home to articles and videos focused around Safety, Boating How-to’s, Tips for Renters and Owners, and many other topics that will bring our boating community together.

Our hope is for GetMyBoat to grow as a boating community, not just a marketplace. We want to give our users the ability to learn about boating through us and help us make boating safer for everyone on the water. We are just starting out, but we already have a good catalog of content. We have videos on topics from knot tying to hurricane preparedness, as well as articles ranging from how to fuel your boat to docking effectively and safely. We hope to cover a wide range of topics for boaters, both general and specific.

If there are topics that you are interested in, please email us at support@getmyboat.com. We want to know what you would like to learn, and we will help out by producing content for the community to enjoy. And if you are a boating enthusiast and would like to share your expertise by contributing content, please reach out to us as well. We are excited to see GetMyBoat expand into an active community where everyone can contribute.

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How to Kayak

kayaksAhh the kayak.  That little palindrome conjures up such sweet reveries of sunny lakes and uncharted independence.  What could be more freeing than hopping into a small boat and paddling away? The Inuit used them for hunting walruses and whales, stealthily approaching their prey in the quiet, nimble vessels (we’ll cover this later). For now, read on to learn how to get started with these swift, agile boats.

Suit up

Choose the best apparel for your kayaking trip.

  • If the water is cold, keep warm in a wet suit or dry suit.
  • Protect yourself from sunburn with long sleeves when necessary.
  • If you are going whitewater or sea kayaking and using a spray skirt — a neoprene or nylon piece of apparel that keeps water out of the boat — step into it as you would a pair of pants, pulling it up so the top of the skirt is around your hips.  The skirt’s grab loop — a tab for releasing the skirt from the kayak — should hang in the front.
  • Remember to have a life jacket stowed in a handy place, if you’re not wearing one. 

Launch your kayak

 Bring your kayak to the water and get in.

  • Pick up the kayak and carry it with one shoulder inside the cockpit. Once at the shore, place the kayak on the edge with the bow facing out into the water.
  • If the water is shallow, you can get into the boat while it’s still partly on the bank. Step into the cockpit first and push off from shore with your hands.
  • If the bank is rocky or steep, get in the kayak by placing it in the water parallel to the shoreline, resting your paddle across the boat behind the cockpit. Climb aboard using the paddle for support.
  • If you’re wearing a spray skirt, attach it to the kayak by stretching it over the cockpit coaming — the lip around the cockpit of the kayak. Start behind the seat, moving your hands along the sides until the skirt is secured in the front.  Use the grab loop for leverage if needed.


Below are some different strokes you’ll use when kayaking. Keep good posture while paddling to conserve energy.

  • Grasp the paddle with both hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart.  If you raise the paddle over your head your arms should make an angle just under 90 degrees.      
    • Forward: Put the paddle blade in the water near your feet and draw it back while keeping it close to the boat.  If the paddle is too far out, it will cause the boat to turn. Alternate sides after each stroke, twisting your torso to give you more energy as you paddle.
    • Reverse: Use the same stroke, but move your paddle in the opposite direction, starting at your side.
    • Sculling draw stroke: Imagine you’re spreading peanut butter on your boat by moving the blades of your paddle back and forth along its side.  This stroke can be used to position your kayak parallel to another boat or a dock.
    • Sweep stroke: Start with the paddle close to your feet but instead of pulling it straight back, make an arc around the side of the boat.  This will cause you to turn.

Wet Exit

If you capsize in a recreational kayak, the cockpit is large enough so that you’ll just fall out.  If you’re using a sea kayak, white water, or other cruising kayak, however, it’s important to practice a wet exit — exiting the boat after a capsize. In these kayaks, you’ll likely be wearing a spray skirt that needs to be released from the boat.

  • Make sure to leave the grab loop of your spray skirt out.  If you capsize, you’ll be able to grab it quickly and pull on it to release yourself.
  • Once capsized, duck your head in a downward position and pull the grab loop, releasing yourself from the boat.  Try and hold on to your paddle with one hand, or tuck it under your arm.
  • Push yourself out of the kayak.  You should end up doing a forward roll out of your boat.  The whole process should last several seconds.

Keep in Mind 

Kayaking is a fun and free-spirited sport, but you still need to follow the rules of the road and use caution.

  • Practice capsizing with a friend nearby.
  • Pay attention to water currents, wind shifts, and boat traffic. 

That’s it!  Visit Starboard Thoughts again soon for more tips and boating advice.

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